04 April 2009

Claudia Acuna / The Less We Talk

Well, I haven't written in just under two months, but there is an upcoming event that forced me to get over my laziness and post. My favorite artist of all time (no I'm not being melodramatic) is releasing her new album in 3 days. Her name is Claudia Acuña, and she is a Chilean Jazz Vocalist that I found in a boutique music shop on the Santa Monica Promenade. The album is titled En Este Momento (At this Moment) and I will probably be looking on iTunes at 12:01 am for it.

I actually only picked up the CD because I was making a customized CD for my mom, I think for mother's Day... or maybe it was her B-day. Anyways, it was only a matter of months before I tracked down everyone one of her albums and committed the vast majority of the English and Spanish song lyrics to memory. A healthy mix of covers and originals, her voice and expression have always brought emotions up from the depth of my soul as no other musician has. To this day, I've never owned an iPod that didn't have at least one of her albums on it.

I most unfortunately won't be able to attend any of her appearances coming up at Jazz at Lincoln Center : Dizzy's Club which saddens me. I missed her in Barcelona 2 years ago by a matter of days. Missed her once in St. Louis by two weeks.

But at least I have good reason. I am currently working on a Showcase opening on April 16 called The Less We Talk: A Meditation on Group Singing. It is produced by Hoi Polloi and runs for several weeks at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater. Did that sound like a shameless plug? Well it was. But if you have the time, come out and see it.

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